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There are thousands of calls or transactions have been conducted in today’s contact center every day, it’s nearly impossible to identify the root cause of the problem and a customer or business perspective by manually sorting, evaluating and analyzing such a huge backlog. Traditional QA often involves many manual, tedious, arbitrary tasks that do not take attributes of different types of calls into consideration. Not only does this expend resources and drive up costs needlessly, it impairs objectivity and accuracy throughout the agent evaluation. 
Considering that, it is not surprising that many contact center managers operate with irrelevant quality statistics and do not achieve business objectives – they‘re too busy taking ineffective actions aimed at attacking the symptoms of deficiencies rather than their root causes.

As a latest generation QM system, Crystal Quality® provides a variety of automatic filters to classify calls or other interactions into categories one by one adhere to customer values, agent performance, marketing campaign or FCR etc. , so that QA officer can focus on evaluation and analysis efforts on high value calls themselves. It reduces wasteful activities and operating cost and provides you reliable insights of business eventually.

Automated Customer Interactions Distribution

A Built in engine empowers Crystal Quality® automatically classifies customer interactions including calls and screen clips into each predefined category and distributes targeted QA officers or supervisors basing on the following mechanisms:

Business Driven Distribution
  1. Sampling – Reply on the robust search engine provided by Crystal Quality®, it enables you to select a certain quantity of interactions for evaluation after searching the records. It allows contact center to maintain the integrity of their QA process. In a way it’s more convenient for some circumstances like urgent QA request and targeting specific, high-value interactions.
  2. Planned Distribution – You can select criteria such as Agent ID, Extension Number, Customer ID, Call duration, Time, Time scope, Agent Group and a wide variety of other filters or even user-defined private data field that meet a specific business operation to automatically categorize target interactions for evaluation. For example, Agent Group C of a TV Shopping Company is in charge of business promotional campaign occurred in Nov. 11, 2013, you can categorize all recorded interactions in that day received by Agent Group C for evaluation and analysis to find out how is the impact of the campaign.
  3. Customer Profile based – By interconnecting with 3rd party CRM or ERP system, customer interactions can be categorized according to customer profile like VIP, Potential etc., it’s crucial to identify valuable cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for future sales optimization.
Analytic Driven Distribution


Voice Analytic –Different from the traditional QM systems, Crystal Quality® more focuses on business issues and opportunities instead of agent performance only. Voice of customer is a valuable resource to tell you the truth about what’s really going on in your business, unfortunately, thousands-even millions recorded customer calls can be far too beyond human ability to review and analyze. With Crystal Quality® Voice Analytic engine, you are able to pull out important calls for evaluation and analysis without manually hunting tons of interactions every time, system automatically identify high-value interactions and send all of them to designated QA evaluators. Crystal Quality® Voice Analytic provides you the following approaches to automatically filter customer calls: 

    1. Keyword Spotting – No need to replay recorded calls from beginning to the end one by one, Crystal Quality® Voice Analytic pinpoints targeted calls according to predefined keywords. With the plug-in Keyword Spotting in unconstrained speech, you can easily select important calls to identify root cause. For example: you can define the following keywords: a series of Competitors name, price related like “expensive” etc., Crystal Quality® Voice Analytic automatically sorts record calls which includes those keywords, you can review those calls to understand why market share for a certain product keeps dropping. The more relevant customer calls you digging, the clearer picture you will have. More than searching those record calls containing defined Keywords, we also tried to bring noise-deduction technology in order to make the searching result more precise to save operation cost and time. 
    2. Locating Defective Calls – Crystal Quality® Voice Analytic provides a wide variety of criteria including: 
      • Cross talk - agent and customer talk simultaneously over a certain period
      • Long hold and handle time – customer calls are put on hold or handled over too long 
      • High number of transfers
      All those abnormal calls will help you uncover the hidden cause for customer dissatisfaction or low working efficiency

Screen Analytic – CIS Screen Analytic (Crystal ScreenMiner®) is an engine that scans the entire computer screen to capture all types of application data for structuring and analysis. Unlike voice recognition, you don’t need to worry about the data integration and precision, since it will not be impaired by the unregulated human language natures.
Besides data mining and analysis, It was also applied for automated call categorization and prioritization according to each call‘s business value for Crystal Quality® system. It can be used to automatically pull critical business data from applications that are used by agents as they deal with customer issues – even without back-end integrations with those applications. 
As a typically easy-to-implement plug-in, it automatically detect events and data like Customer Profile, Order No. etc. directly from application screens or application fields accessed or entered by your employees and tag them to appropriate points within recorded interactions. When enriched with this data, recordings can be organized, reported on and analyzed very effectively, even before being played back.

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