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Crystal Quality


“Brand image is a high priority for consumer, even in a negative economy”

With the advent of Social Media, it takes just seconds for a customer to rave about or complain and bash a brand to thousands via blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that your customers receiving consistent, precise and efficient service has becoming more important than ever before.

The growing popularity of self-service channels makes customer call more valuable

Customers are now much more comfortable with the idea of using self-service channels such as the Web and IVR for basic inquiries or tasks, such as checking an account balance or merchandise shipping status. When they actually take the time to call into the contact center, customers expect fast and competent answers to more complex inquiries. The majority of those phone interactions are far more important to individual customers than ever before, thus the Call Quality Monitoring of these communications is becoming more important than ever before.

To assure compliance with laws, regulations, and directives

The number and complexity of laws, regulations, and directives has expanded sharply since the beginning of the new decade. Although each law or regulation applies to very specific circumstances, in general the broad goals are to protect individual privacy and to assure honesty and integrity in business-to-consumer communications.

It’s crucial to make sure that every reply or transaction is complying with the specific laws and regulations. In order to achieve that goal, an automated Quality Monitoring system enhanced by Screen Data Capturing capability is the must.

Crystal Quality® helps organization identify service gap and improve customer experience by capturing, evaluating and analyzing customer interactions, increase customer loyalty in the competitive business environment. Enhanced by CIS Voice Analytics – Crystal Customer Voice® and Screen Analytics – Crystal ScreenMiner®, quality management can be an automated and time saving process.

Robust and highly scalable, Crystal Quality® widely supports from SMB to very high density contact center across a number of sites or servers, and time zones via an unified web access to calls, screen clips, evaluations and reports.With private owned report tool – CIS Form Designer, it’s so simple to design agent scorecard and all types of dashboard-style reports in an easy-to-understand format, which displays every aspect of agent/call center’s performance. 

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