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Crystal Live


  • To meet the increased demands for legal compliance, evidence collection and operational efficiency improvement, you need to capture, analyze and distribute a large number of interactions between you and the public. An easy-to-use, future-proof recording solution that can be widely adapted to all kinds of telephony interface including traditional circuit-switched to the latest packet-switched (VoIP) environment as well as radio channels for interaction recording, data analysis with the lowest cost is exactly what you want. Crystal Live ® meets all your needs and much more.
  • As a new generation multimedia recording platform, Crystal Live ® changes many views of traditional audio recorder. It allows a hybrid system including analog, digital, E1/T1, VoIP, conventional radio and trunked radio with very high density in single unit, reducing number of servers and total cost of ownership. Utilizing a number of the latest and private owned technologies such as SilverLight Based Web Interface, Map View System Console, Private Owned File Encryption, Manageable Audio Wave Form etc., Crystal Live ® makes all technical complexities to be transparent to users, and extremely easy to be implemented. 
  • By fully compatible with PCI DSS Standard and providing CIS system self-diagnostic module – Crystal Live Doctor, Crystal Live ensures your recordings are completely safe 
  • Crystal Live ® also changes the ways you work to handle, analyze and collect communication data, to make it much more convenient and mobilizable. You don’t need to sit behind desktop as always, search, replay, analyze, distribute or even control recordings can be performed anytime, anywhere by your mobilized terminal. 
  • Like no other before, more than those functions to enforce capabilities like Word Spotting, Call Statistics etc., Crystal Live ® enlarges the traditional concept for Recording and Monitor system by providing an unique application module – Crystal Live Agent, which enables you to insert more customer data and go through routine business procedures or even control recording remotely, in addition to that, it can be really seamlessly integrated into your existing CRM or other business system with APIs. 


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