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Crystal Gears

  • Crystal Gears® (CG as short) is a unique next generation desktop digital call recording system like no other before. By widely compatible with most popular telephony communication platforms, CG is the first Desktop recorder around the world that capable of recording any type of telephone set, Analog, Digital or VoIP.
  • CG supports all telephone set's, analog, digital and VoIP, all you need is to install the CG software application on your computer and connect the interface modules (CG TDM Box for Analog & Digital phones or CG VoIP Box for IP phones) to the phone base, or even without any interface model for the recording of IP soft phones and some VoIP hard phones like Cisco 7970, 7941 and common SIP phones that support the "Span to PC Port" feature.
  • By simply installing CG software into your laptop or desktop PC, both installation and Maintenance are fully automated. All functionalities for traditional recording & monitoring system will be empowered; more than that, by interconnecting in "Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform" it helps you to build a recording system by ignoring geography gap.
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